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Leadership    A deeper look into the Book of Titus

Leadership in Context   .mp3

Character of a Leader  .pdf

Doctrine of a Leader  .mp3

Leadership in the Family of God  .pdf

                                                Leadership in Submission  .mp3

                                                Gospel-Centered Leadership  .mp3

                                                The Fruit of Leadership  .pdf


The Will of God

The Will of God Part I .pdf  

The Will of God Part II   .mp3

A Theology of Thankfulness   .mp3


The Life of Mary

The Life of Mary - Part I: Unexpected   .mp3

The Life of Mary - Part II: Unscripted   .mp3

The Life of Mary - Part III: Unfamiliar   .mp3

The Life of Mary - Part IV: Reflection   .pdf

                                                The Life of Mary - Part V: Discernment  .mp3



Vision Part I  .mp3

Vision Part II   .pdf  




The Romans 14 Principle 

Waters of Promise  .mp3

The Romans 14 Principle  .mp3

Commanded Blessing  .mp3

The Acts of the Holy Spirit  .mp3

                                                Spiritual Gifts - Myths & Truths  .mp3

                                                The Trinity  .mp3


Easter SeasonEaster Season

Easter Season 2020

The Family of God  .mp3

Redeeming Broken Promises  .mp3

Palm Sunday   .mp3

The Righteousness of God - Does God Smile?   .mp3

                                                Fake News or Fact  .mp3

                                                The Reign of Christ   .mp3

                                                The Character of His Voice   .mp3

                                                The Significance of 40   .pdf

                                                Harmony of the Great Commission   .pdf

                                                The Ascension of Christ   .mp3



Pentecost 2020

Pentecost Part I   .mp3

Pentecost Part II