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Leadership    A deeper look into the Book of Titus

Leadership in Context   .mp3

Character of a Leader  .pdf

Doctrine of a Leader  .mp3

Leadership in the Family of God  .pdf

                                                Leadership in Submission  .mp3

                                                Gospel-Centered Leadership  .mp3

                                                The Fruit of Leadership  .pdf


The Will of God

The Will of God Part I .pdf  

The Will of God Part II   .mp3

A Theology of Thankfulness   .mp3


The Life of Mary

The Life of Mary - Part I: Unexpected   .mp3

The Life of Mary - Part II: Unscripted   .mp3

The Life of Mary - Part III: Unfamiliar   .mp3

The Life of Mary - Part IV: Reflection   .pdf

                                                The Life of Mary - Part V: Discernment  .mp3



Vision Part I  .mp3

Vision Part II   .pdf  




The Romans 14 Principle 

Waters of Promise  .mp3

The Romans 14 Principle  .mp3

Commanded Blessing  .mp3

The Acts of the Holy Spirit  .mp3

                                                Spiritual Gifts - Myths & Truths  .mp3

                                                The Trinity  .mp3