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The following links are related to First Congregational Church, our mission, and our outreach. Please report any broken or missing links to Pastor Ray.

1st Congregational Resources    
  Vision, Faith & Policy Statement    
  Pastor Ray's Doctinal Statement    
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  Conservative Congregational Christian Conference    

The FORESEE: The Bulletin of the CCCC

The FORESEE is a monthly periodical published by the CCCC to keep its membership informed of important news, ministry information, prayer requests, placement updates and more.
Other Christian Resources    
  Theopedia An online encyclopedia of biblical Christianity.
  Grace Gems A Treasury of Ageless, Sovereign Grace, Devotional Writings
  The Gideons International Send a GideonCard - In Memory, Praying For You, On Your Special Day
  180 The Movie 33 Minutes that will rock your world. Produced by Ray Comfort
  Why Preachers Are The Way They Are If you have decided that your preacher is different from most folks, there is a good reason - give thanks that he is different. Those not called by God would never do this, could not take it, would not endure it and would find it impossible to come out on the other side of such suffering still praising Jesus.
Community Resources    
  City of Kulm